The Soka Tribe made it to Barbados for Crop Over and through all the fun and festivities our very own Soka Tribe Ambassador and former Convoy member, Folasade Pyne made it back to tell the tale and spread the love!


What country do you represent?



Where are you based?

Washington, DC


What you know about this Soka Tribe life? 😉 (i.e. what is your affiliation, how long, how did it start)

Ambassador, former Convoy member, started in 2019


What brought you to this particular carnival?

Wanted to try a smaller carnival before going to carnival in Trinidad.


Have you played mas before? When and where?



What carnivals would you rinse and repeat?

This is my first proper carnival, unless DC Carnival counts!


What do you wish you knew about this carnival before going?

Long route, costume pickup and alterations


What would you say makes this carnival different from others?

The route was extra long; fetes were great!


Soca Artist that you would want to fete with?

Nailah Blackmon


Anything else the Soka Tribe should know about you?

I love y’all!


My social media handle is: