Soka Tribe is Your Caribbean Festival or Carnival Connection

Soka Tribe is the authority on Caribbean carnival culture, from sharing its histories and traditions, to keeping you plugged into the global carnival community, to curating paths to experience it for yourself.

Founded in 2015, we introduce people to Caribbean carnival culture through Soca dance fitness online classes, organized trips, public and private performances, extracurricular programming, and engaging presentations.


Our Mission

Our aim to increase the global awareness and appreciation for Caribbean festival or Carnival culture through entertainment and education Soca performances & entertainers.

Our Core Values

Consistency | Authenticity | Community

Cultural Sensitivity | Freedom


Our Founder :Sokanista

Shermica “Sokanista” Farquhar founded Soka Tribe to reconnect with her culture and share it with others. A self-described “carnival junkie,” the Brooklyn-born Trinidadian has played mas all over the world, beginning with her hometown and the mas band her family ran for over a decade.


Chief Jaz & Chief Jen

Meet The Team:

Director & Chief Jaz

Jazelle Hunt is a New Jersey-raised Trinidadian, Washington D.C. transplant, and proud Howard University alumna. Jazelle joined Soka Tribe in its first year and became a Soka Tribe Chief in Summer 2017. When Jazelle isn't leading class and showcasing her noteworthy wine, she's leading other Soka Tribe initiatives and writing!

Chief Jen

Jennifer Thomas is a NYC-born, Miami raised Haitian who has been dancing all her life and joined the Soka Tribe world in 2016. Since then she has become a Soka Tribe Chief bringing blasts of energy and her signature "WOO!" to every class!


Chief Adia

Adia is a multidisciplinary dancer hailing from Barbados by way of Queens, New York. Adia sings, travels, enjoys DIY projects, and puts smiles on people's faces. Armed with ancestral vibes and a passion for bringing the spirit of carnival to the masses, she’s excited to share this culture with you!

Chief Micks

Micahela "Micks" Mobley is a Maryland-born Trinidadian with over twenty years of training and experience in various dance styles, choreography, and performance. As a carnival scholar and rel soca baby, Mickey is excited to bring her passion and energy to the Soka Tribe community. Outside of Soka Tribe, Mickey is a full-time doctoral student studying clinical psychology.

Chief Nikki

Chief Nikki is a Jersey-raised Trin-Haitian American who came to Soka Tribe in fall 2022. Nikki has been dancing from the womb but started her formal training at the age of 10 in ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. She carried her love of dance with her to Rutgers University where she minored in dance and was a member of Chaos Theory Dance Crew. She looks forward to bringing high energy & positive vibes, and providing an escape to Carnival with every class. 


Saahir & Shauna

Saahir Brewington

Saahir is a native Washingtonian and carnivalista starting at Cropover and most recently Trinidad. She is a Soka Tribe veteran starting in 2015 and rising to team captain. Saahir holds us together with her awesome project management skills, caring touch and wicked waistline-not necessarily in that order!


Shauna Riguad

Shauna is a PhD Candidate at George Mason University. Boston born but raised in Barbados, her research centers issues of the caribbean and its diaspora. Shauna joined the Soka Tribe Convoy in 2018 and has expanded her role to amplify the impact of our cultural educational programming! JOIN A CLASS